• Fresh Garlic Stem
  • Fresh Garlic Stem
  • Fresh Garlic Stem
  • Fresh Garlic Stem
Fresh Garlic StemFresh Garlic StemFresh Garlic StemFresh Garlic Stem

Fresh Garlic Stem

Fresh Garlic Stem is also called garlic sprout and garlic bolt and garlic shoot.

Fresh Garlic Stem

Fresh garlic stem has other name, we called Chinese fresh shoot or garlic sprout.

Fresh Garlic Shoot,Garlic Sprout,Garlic Bolt,Garlic Stem


28cm,30cm,35cm,40cm,45cm , customized as per your requirements


Fresh green color, long and tender, whole and strong texture, plump shaped


Nice feature, no yellow spot and black mould, no wound,clean, no broken, strong binded, cut top and tail tidily.


Inner Packing:200g/bundle, 250g/bundle,300g/bundle, 500g/bundle,1000g/bundle                                            
Outer Packing:10kg/ctn, 12kg/CTN,14kg/CTN or according to customer’s detail requirements.


10 ton

Shelf Life

New crop: 70 days ; Old crop: 50 days


1x40' RF
1. 26-32MT/40' reefer container. packing: mesh bag.
2. 2,500cartons/40 reefer container. inner packing:3pcs/net bag, 
outer packing: 10kg/carton.
3. 2,600carton/40 reefer container. inner packing: in bulk, outer packing: 10kg/carton.

Supplying Period

all the year round.
1. New crop: from May to the last ten-day of August.
2. Cold storage season: from September to next May.

Payment terms

30%T/T deposite, the balance after shipping against B/L if do CFR or CIF. 

Transporting and storing temperature

0℃ - 3℃








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