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Bean Thread Longkou Vermicelli

Bean Thread Longkou Vermicelli 

Longkou Vermicelli has over 300 years history,which is one of Chinese traditional products, it was famous and known as its excellent quality,but because vermicelli is exported from longkou port, it is named "longkou vermicelli".Zhaoyuan people use peas and green beans to made longkou vermicelli by hands. It owes to the good raw material, nice climate and fine processing in the planting field -- northern region of Shandong Peninsula. The sea breeze from the north, the vermicelli can be quickly dried. Also made with the high mineral mountain spring water, Longkou Vermicelli is pure light, flexible and tidy, white and transparent, and become soft on touching the boiled water, will not be broken for a long time after cooking. It tastes tender, chewy and smooth.




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