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What's Longkou vermicelli made of?

Longkou Vermicelli is well known for the good quality in all over the world,the origin of longkou vermicelli lies in Zhaoyuan,Yantai city,shandong province,China, people use mungbean starch to make longkou vermicelli by hands in tradtionally ,but the price for green mungbean starch is very expensive, people use pea starch to instead of mungbean starch, the quality is almost the same, so the ingredients of longkou vermicelli is pea starch and water, in order to make it soft or quick cook, you can add little potato starch , we called instant vermicelli, because it only need 2-3minutes to cook , this high quality vermicelli is mainly export to Japan or EU countries; now also have bean vermicelli produced mixed with corn starch or wheat starch, someone called them corn vermicelli or wheat vermicelli, these vermicelli noodles are popular in Southeast Country, for example:Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam.


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